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Agreeing About Gender Equality Does Not Bring About Real Change

”Disagreement breeds constructive discussions; innovation is brought forth by discomfort; and everyone at the table sitting around agreeing that equality is needed doesn’t really bring the conversation forward” writes Malin Frithiofsson, President of Women in Tech Gothenburg in the third installment of a blog series on technology and gender equality.

Gender equality is not achieved by merely discussing and agreeing about it. What halts the achievement of gender equality are the historical structures of marginalization, and the people who perpetuate them.

Frithiofsson argues that it is time to start discussing the uncomfortable fact that everyone does not want gender equality in the tech industry.

“Until we do this, gender equality within tech is doomed to remain an issue we all say we want – but none of us will ever get” Frithiofsson sums.

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