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Privacy policy

1. Registrar

Name: The National Council of  Women of Finland
Business/ VAT ID: 02211053
Address: Fredrikinkatu 39 C 22
Postal Code: 00120
Phone Number: 046 922 2201
E-mail Address: [email protected] fi

2. Person Responsible for the Register

Name: Association Manager Anniina Vainio              
Address: Fredrikinkatu 39 C 22
Postal Code: 00120             
Phone Number: 050 388 8868
E-mail Address: [email protected]

3. Data Security Officer

Organization: The National Council of  Women of Finland
Name: Association Manager Anniina Vainio
Address: Fredrikinkatu 39 C 22
Postal Code: 00120
Phone Number: 050 388 8868
E-mail Address: [email protected]

4. Purposes for Processing of Personal Data

The collected personal data is used for:
Gathering information required for organizing events, taking care of membership matters and responsibilities, interaction, and documenting operations and communication.

5. Grounds for Data Gathering and Processing

Data is gathered and processed to enforce the agreement between the register holder and the registered, as well as on the grounds of the consent of the registered when applicable. We only gather and process personal data which is needed for operational practices and tending to the membership relationship.

6. Data Content of the Register

Name, Business/ VAT ID, Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number

7. Retention of Data

Personal data will be retained for as long as it is necessary to meet the purposes outlined in this document.

8. Regular Sources of Data

Data is primarily collected from information provided by members. Data is accumulated during website visits and other transactions, and from registers held by authorities within the extent permitted by law. Data is also gathered with the help of  Google Analytics.

9. Regular Data Submissions and Transfers Outside of the Euroepan Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA)

Data will not be transferred outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). A portion of the organization’s data is stored in Dropbox. Data is also gathered through Google Drive. Both operate in the United States and possess a Privacy Shield certification.

10.  Use of Cookies

The website uses a so-called “cookie” function.  A cookie is a small text file, which gets sent and stored on the user’s computer, and allows the website’s host to recognize the site’s frequent users, make visitor’s site signs ups easier, and combine user data.

With the use of cookies, we can continuously improve the content of our website. Cookies do not damage the users’ computers or files. We utilize cookies in a way which allows us to offer our members information and services according to their individualized needs.

If a user visiting our site does not wish to grant us the previously mentioned data gathered through cookies, most browsers allow users to disable the cookie function. This is usually done through the browser settings. Cookies may be required for the proper functioning of some of the sites we host and services we provide.

The website also contains buttons, which enable users to share content in different digital messaging platforms and social media. The cookies within these services are not controlled by us. Further information regarding third-party cookie policies are available on these parties’ websites.

11. Protection of Register

Data is transferred through an SSL protected connection.

Digital data is protected by a firewall, usernames, and passwords.

Access rights are reserved only for the persons operating under the register holder whose tasks require data access.

12. Automated Decision Making

Automated individual decision making (article 22 of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation) is not used.

13. Rights of the Registered

The registered person has the right to review the data concerning them which has been saved in the personal data register. A signed written review request must be sent to the person in charge of the register. The right to review is free of charge, if executed once a year (12 months).

The registered person has the right to request the correction or removal of wrong, incomplete, or outdated information or transfer of data from one system to another. They also have the right to restrict or resist the handling of their data as per the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation’s articles 18 and 21.

The registered person has the right to revoke their previously granted consent for data handling, or to file a complaint regarding the handling of their personal data to supervisory authorities.

The registered person also has the right to forbid the use of their data for direct marketing purposes.

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