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Aalto University: Shaking Up Tech

In October of 2018, Aalto University in collaboration with their partners organized the first Shaking Up Tech event in order to inspire and encourage young women to study in the field of technology. The goal was to shake up prejudices, offer practical examples of the field and to indicate that young women have more than enough expertise and skills to study technology. The event program consisted of exciting speeches by technology professionals, workshops and a study fair where participants got to familiarize themselves with the possibilities within technology studies, culture, and employment opportunities. The 2018 event served as a pilot for a larger scale project encouraging women to enter the technology field. In 2019, Shaking Up Tech was arranged in cooperation with LUT University and Tampere University. In the future the event will take place annually. The 2020 event was organized online together with LUT University and University of Oulu. The online event of 2020 can be watched here.

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