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Kalliolan Nuoret ry: Poikien Talo (“The Boys’ House”) Living Room Dialogues

Poikien talo (“The Boys’ House”) is an organization that engages in social and youth work with a gender sensitive and culturally sensitive approach. As their equality act, Poikien talo established a series of Living Room Dialogues in 2016. During these events, different parties gathered together to discuss and build a shared understanding on present-day challenges and realities that boys are facing in the Finnish society. The Living Room Dialogues represented a new format for expert work. The purpose of the discussions was to have conversations about boys, their needs and challenges, and the themes that they find important. The Living Room Dialogues served as a forum where professionals, experts, researchers, decision makers, and other societal actors could come together. The Living Room Dialogues were organized four times during 2016 and 2017.

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