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Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Equality Acts in the Ministry

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs participated in Making an Impact with Equality Acts with over 150 concrete actions. In 2017, Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini and Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Kai Mykkänen participated in the campaign along with the State Secretary, Under Secretaries, Director Generals and Deputy Director Generals. The acts highlighted the significance of equality in the development of independent Finland. Minister Soini joined the White Ribbon campaign of the European Institute for Gender Equality, and raised awareness on violence against women. Minister Mykkänen decided to not participate in all-male panels when representing Finland.

In addition, embassies and departments each completed at least one equality act. The Embassy of Finland in Addis Abeba supported the founding of a network for women peace mediators in the African Union. The Consulate General in Los Angeles arranged a pitching event where women entrepreneurs and executives could network and establish investor contacts. Several of the Finnish missions abroad also challenged local officials and political decision makers to perform equality acts. 

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