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Parliament of Finland: Realisation of Gender Equality in the Finnish Parliament

In 2017, the Office Commission launched a study on the realisation of gender equality in the Finnish Parliament. The study examined the experiences of Members of Parliament regarding gender equality and the realisation of equal working conditions in parliamentary work. The goal of the study was to produce information in order to strengthen equality in parliamentary work and the working culture of the Parliament.

The findings were mostly positive: the state of equality in the Parliament was mainly experienced as good, and the Members of Parliament felt that their influencing opportunities were good regardless of their gender. On the other hand, there were differing views on the state of equality between the Members of Parliament, and men were perceived as being more influential than women in general.

The Speaker of Parliament initiated measures for curbing sexual harassment and threats directed towards the members, and improving the overall state of gender equality.

You can access the study in English here.

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