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YLE: Increased Gender Equality in Sports Journalism

In 2017, The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle conducted a broad investigation regarding the realization of gender equality in their sports content. Based on their findings, Yle undertook powerful actions to improve gender equality in sports journalism. These acts contribute to a new and increasingly equal media and sports culture.

Yle increased women’s visibility in sports: Mestaruusputki (The Championship Streak) concept raised the visibility of women’s national ball game matches to the same level as men’s leagues. Yle Urheilu (Yle Sports) and Yle Sporten (Yle Sports in Swedish) began monitoring the realization of gender equality on their websites in real time. In addition, Yle decided to include storytelling content highlighting women’s sports and women athletes, especially targeting young audiences.

Yle’s equality acts have a far reaching and positive effect on attitudes and conversation on sports, as well as recreational sports, sports leadership, and coaching. Yle’s work serves as a great example for other actors within the media industry in Finland and abroad. Yle has also extended their gender equality monitoring from sports coverage to other areas.

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